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Share Ramadan Blessings

05 Apr, 2022 | 1 Comments | Return|

Is it just me or does it seem like Ramadan 2021 was just a few days ago? It always surprises me how quickly the month of Ramadan comes and goes; before you know it, everyone is once again preparing their hearts and their homes for the Holy Month, Subhanallah! We are just a few days away from settling into our #RamadanRoutines. Whether it’s spending time in the kitchen making delicious food or getting a head start on visiting the masjid, we all welcome this month in our own special ways.

The past few years were vastly different than most. Due to COVID-19, everything was mostly virtual, and Ramadan felt a bit ...sadder. Many were cooped up in their homes, separated from loved ones, which impacted the overall experience of the blessed month. Though difficult, many of us learned to transition to a new virtual life—with ample lectures available at the snap of your fingers, podcasts and videos already pre-recorded, and a whole new DoorDash and UberEats lifestyle established, we realized how truly blessed we are to be able to experience Ramadan within the comfort of our homes. We realized how easily accessible everything really is to us, while some of our brothers and sisters abroad do not get to experience this luxury. Though different, it was by no means disadvantaged. The last few years truly reminded us how blessed we are and how beautifully unique Ramadan was.

And now with the pandemic slowing down, we are excited to welcome Ramadan with open arms in masaajid, in our homes, and within our communities...because what makes Ramadan the most blissful is when we all come together to pray, to fast, and to feast; there is a sense of union among the Ummah and it is a whole different environment when you get to experience the Holy Month among family, friends, and even strangers.

As we transition to in-person events, I hope this month brings you a sense of strengthened Iman, increased Dawah, tons of Barakah, and an outpour of love for The Creator and His blessings, Inshallah. Ramadan Kareem! Let’s make it the best one yet. Share your Ramadan blessings with those in need worldwide. Share your plate, feed your soul! Provide iftar for a family today with HHRD’s Global Ramadan Food Program at  www.hhrd.org/Ramadan


About Aneeqa

My name is Aneeqa and I work as a Digital Media Specialist at HHRD. I have a passion for all things social media and content generation. Growing up, one of my favorite creative outlets was writing, and my love for writing and Ramadan generated this heartfelt blog! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


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https://whydonate.com/blog/ramadan-goed-doel-ideeen/"Bedankt voor het delen van je ervaring tijdens Ramadan. Het is geweldig om te horen hoe je deze heilige maand viert!"
7/5/2023 2:15:45 AM | Reply

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