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United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities

16 Nov, 2022 | 0 Comments | Return|

This year, we are focusing on, transformative solutions for inclusive development: the role of innovation in fueling an accessible and equitable world.

As the world around us moves at a lightning-fast speed, we might often forget the daily challenges of a large part of our community. Being different is alright. Having special needs is too. To understand, uphold, and safeguard these differences, the United Nations declared December 3rd as the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. This day allows us to remember those with special needs and recognize that their different abilities in no way limit them from being productive members of our society. 

Helping Hand USA focuses on a person’s abilities rather than their disabilities. We have been working tirelessly to provide relief and support to children with special needs from seven central districts of Pakistan and around the world. Last year, your donations helped HHRD sponsor 5,600 children through our Children with Disabilities Program. Through your generous contributions, we were also able to help 91,419 patients receive comprehensive physical rehabilitation. With a monthly donation of just $60 or a one-time annual sponsorship of $720, you can help make a significant change to a child’s well-being and future. With your help, we can assist these children with becoming confident and self-reliant. HHRD supports these children with disabilities gain access to customized rehabilitative treatments, Learning, and Mobility Aids, access to Special Education, and much more along with training and awareness sessions for the caregivers to equip them to take better care of these children at school and at home.  

One of the children HHRD has helped through your donations is Mahnoor from Nawabshah, Pakistan. Mahnoor suffered from weakness in her lower limbs, causing difficulty walking and carrying out day-to-day tasks. HHRD volunteers in Nawabshah registered Mahnoor as a beneficiary, and assisted with providing her with medical checkups, food, and education. Mahnoor is now able to play with her friends and walk without difficulty. With HHRD’s help, she has regained confidence in herself and hopes for a bright future. 

Helping children with special needs reach their full potential while recognizing them for their talents and overseeing the deficits they endure is the key to helping build a sustainable life for them. This year, continue supporting their dreams and reignite their hopes! 

Help reinvent a life. Stand up for mutual respect, equality, and inclusion by donating at www.hhrd.org/cwdp


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