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This year, we are focusing on, transformative solutions for inclusive development: the role of innovation in fueling an accessible and equitable world.As the world around us moves at a lightning-fast speed, we might often forget the daily challenges of a large part of our community. Being different is alright. Having special needs is too. To understand, uphold, and safeguard these differences, the United Nations declared December 3rd as the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. This da...
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After months of unprecedented rainfall in Pakistan, millions of people, including the families and friends of our South Asian community, have been devastated and displaced by the catastrophic effects of flash flooding throughout their country. With one-third of Pakistan completely submerged by historic flooding,1 they need our help. In the face of this devastation, Tara Energy, a leading Texas retail electricity provider since 2002 has teamed up with HHRD to donate a portion of their Octobe...
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Love your sight? Then #LoveYourEyes What would life be like if you couldn’t see? As students, for a class activity, we once covered our eyes and blocked out sound with earplugs to experience the importance of our senses and understand the challenges those with impairments or disabilities may face. Our senses build nerve connections in the brain necessary for the healthy development and growth of an understanding of the world and our role in it. Life without any one of them would be challen...
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17th Anniversary Reflections – A Celebration of Helping Humanity From its humble beginnings with an office on the second floor of a small building in Michigan, to being recognized as one of the top NGOs by Charity Navigator, Helping Hand for Relief and Development (HHRD) has aided, assisted, supported, and empowered the distressed for 17 years since October 8th, 2005. This journey has brought with it changes and growth that has enabled HHRD to impact over 200 million lives. What bette...
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By Gretchen Elhassani
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Literacy: Enriched and TransformedLife as we knew it was completely changed by the pandemic—our routines, the way we work…the way we learn. We thought we were using technology to its fullest, until COVID pushed us to test the limits, and we quickly learned that as long as we have the internet, not only can work and education go on as usual, it can be done more efficiently—even if the world shuts down.As schools and companies saw what was possible with online education, a shift...
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#TheHumanRace, #RealLifeHeroes, #WomenHumanitarians — What does it mean to be a humanitarian? Someone who changes the world? Someone who gives up his or her own comforts for others? Not necessarily. When we take advantage of opportunities that affect people’s lives for the better, we are each humanitarian in our own capacity. Imagine the impact we could have if we all came together and worked towards a common goal…we will have the chance to do just that on August 19.Designated...
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