On This World Health Day, Fight for A Healthier Society

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World Health Day is an annual reminder of the significance of health and well-being for individuals around the world. However, we cannot ignore the fact that quality healthcare and nutrition are still privileges for many, particularly those in marginalized communities. Children and the elderly are the most affected when access to reliable medical facilities becomes a problem. This year, let's celebrate Health for All and work towards maximizing convenience and attainability to all healthcare services. 

Refugees and vulnerable communities suffer significantly from preventable illnesses and higher mortality rates due to limited access to healthcare and inadequate nutrition. The Health and Nutrition Program (HANP) offered by Helping Hand USA aims to protect the health of those who need it most and safeguard their most valuable asset – their well-being. This program includes treating patients at Mother & Child Care Centers, providing free cataract eye surgeries, and facilitating medical assistance through ambulance services and mobile medical units. 

The cataract eye surgery program is vital for people who suffer from vision problems. This program has helped thousands of people regain their vision and lead prosperous lives. With just $125, you can give someone the gift of sight. 

Helping Hand USA's Physical Rehabilitation Program (PRP) promotes healthy futures for individuals beyond eye surgeries. This program provides various treatments and services, such as physical and occupational therapy, orthotics, prosthetics, wheelchairs, and more. The Comprehensive Physical Rehabilitation Complex in Mansehra, Pakistan, ensures individuals lead healthier and more active lives. The Helping Hand Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences, located within the Mansehra complex, offers a 5-year doctorate degree and 2-year diploma in physiotherapy to empower individuals. 

The Wheelchair Program within the PRP is a monumental service provided by HHRD to some of the most deserving people across the world. With just $250, you can give someone their life back. One wheelchair can change the future of an entire household. 

Helping Hand USA's HANP and PRP programs are a shining example of how healthcare should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their socio-economic status. Our commitment to providing essential healthcare services to underserved communities is essential to their well-being, and the impact it has had on the lives of those they serve is truly inspiring. 

This World Health Day, let us recognize and appreciate the incredible work that has been achieved! Your generous support continues to contribute to the creation of a healthier and more equitable world for all. 


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