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World Humanitarian Day: A Day of Service

29 Jul, 2022 | 0 Comments | Return|

#TheHumanRace, #RealLifeHeroes, #WomenHumanitarians — What does it mean to be a humanitarian? Someone who changes the world? Someone who gives up his or her own comforts for others? Not necessarily. When we take advantage of opportunities that affect people’s lives for the better, we are each humanitarian in our own capacity. Imagine the impact we could have if we all came together and worked towards a common goal…we will have the chance to do just that on August 19.

Designated as World Humanitarian Day, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) highlights a theme each year and brings together humanitarians around the world to raise awareness and support for those affected by crises and for the safety of those who selflessly risk their lives to provide aid to them.

In 2021, a global challenge for climate action called on people to participate in physical activities of their choice—such as walking, running, and swimming—for a cumulative 100 minutes in support of vulnerable people most affected by natural disasters and droughts; and to tell world leaders of developed countries to fulfill their pledge of $100 billion annually to help prevent and reduce the harmful effects of climate change. The overwhelming support for this campaign had over 500,000 people from more than 180 countries participate and an average of 720 minutes of physical activity per person! The “voice” of the people was presented at the UN Climate Summit, and there was a consensus that urgent climate action must be taken.

Compounded by the effects of the pandemic, 2022 has shown a continued increase in disparity, displacement, and disasters of concerning proportions. To encourage team building and motivating communities to make an impact, from August 19-21, all HHRD regional offices nationwide will organize a Day of Service opportunity for volunteers to sort and pack essentials to send to distressed populations and countries around the world. Clothing, shoes, blankets, and toys are just some of the items that will be prepared for shipping during this event. Volunteers will also have a chance to mingle and enjoy refreshments, friendly competitions, and other entertainment. It’s a day to make a difference!

Through its many programs and campaigns, HHRD provides the relief and development needed to aid and empower those in distress. From emergency relief to skills development and support services, HHRD continues to serve humanity throughout the year.

Rise to the challenge and join HHRD in making a difference with its 1st annual Day of Service Event. To learn more and to sign-up, please visit www.hhrd.org/DayofService.


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